Seminars & Classes

As part of our mission here at Southern Idaho Landscape Center, we are committed to providing education to our customers.  We offer a variety of seminars and classes that provide instruction and hands on  training in many aspects of gardening and landscape maintenance, including pruning,  weed control, basket planting and insect management.

Plan on attending one of our educational seminars or how-to demonstration this year. Call 208-326-2100 or email to register.


Fruit Tree Pruning Seminar 

Presented by Bill Merritt – Many of the structural problems of mature fruit trees can be prevented with proper pruning of young trees. Join us for a hands-on workshop to learn how to proper prune fruit trees. Participants will learn how to make proper pruning cuts with proper tool and properly sterilize tools to prevent the spread of diseases.


Design 101

    Class Description:                                                                                                                 –  Landscape your own house like a professional                                               – 90 minutes of one-on-one design/consultation time                                  – Learn design basics of plant balance and layering                                        – Discover plant options for your property’s layout                                       – Get helpful tips on care and maintenance

Additional Information:                                                                                                     – Bring any photos, measurements, or magazine clippings to help            with your ideas                                                                                                                   – Pre-registration is required                                                                                  


Lawn Care Seminar

Presented by Kirk Rongen of Mountain View Spraying Service will arm you with the knowledge to gain control over your lawn.  His extensive lawn care experiences will help you prep your lawn for summer, offer advice on good watering habits and tips on how to prep your lawn in the Fall for the coming cold weather and ensuring proper Ph levels in your soil.


Tree Pest Control Seminar

Presented by Craig Nuthak of Wilbur-Ellis – How to keep your trees and shrubs free from disease and insects.  Also, important nutritional facts for your trees and shrubs. Review different options for your plant care.