No matter the project, Southern Idaho Landscape center has the materials you'll  need.  Our large selection of soil builders, rock, mulch and sand will get the job done.

Have a big project, or don't have a truck?  No problem, we can deliver!

Mulch & Wood Chips


Pathway Bark

Fir & Pine - Commonly used as a ground-cover for high traffic areas or as landscaping mulch.

small bark

Small Bark

Fir & Pine - Works well for walkways, suppresses weeds and maintains soil moisture & temp.

medium bark

Medium Bark

Fir & Pine - Works well for walkways, suppresses weeds and maintains soil moisture & temp.

shredded bark

Shredded Bark

Fir & Pine - Maintains moisture well, best used in wind swept and easily eroded areas.

20190220_091813 (2)

Playground Chips

Fir & Pine - A chemical free product that is both shock absorbing & slip resistant.

Rock & Sand


Washed (3/4'')


Washed (2'')

2-4 cobble

Cobble Stone (2-4'')

6-12 cobble

Cobble Stone (6-12'')

buckskin shale

Buckskin Shale

yukon small

Yukon Dazzle (small)

yukon medium

Yukon Dazzle (medium)

yukon large

Yukon Dazzle (large)

9-16 crushed

Crushed Rock (9/16'')


Decomposed Granite

20190220_091747 (2)

Black & Tan - Medium

20190220_091744 (2)

Black & Tan - Large

small renessance

Renaissance Rock (small)

large renaissance

Renaissance Rock (large)

red lava

Lava Rock - Red

black lava

Lava Rock - Black

1-5 roadbase

Roadbase (1.5'')


Paver Base


Paver Sand


Pea Gravel


Coarse Sand


Mason Sand

Soil & Soil Builders


Top Soil

Used when existing soil conditions are poor or damaged, such as planting at a newly built home. Works well in raised beds.



High in organic matter, this mix is recommended to be mixed 50/50 in with existing soil when doing plantings or trying to improve current soil conditions.


Garden Soil Base

A soil/sand mix for filling raised beds. We recommend filling beds with this and adding your preferred (certified organic or conventional) compost for best results.

20190220_091803 (2)

Soil Pep

Fir & Pine - A finely screened wood product that is commonly used as a soil amendment, adding nutrients.  Also used as a top dressing.

20190220_091758 (2)

Organic Soil Builder

Composted Fir & Pine bark, Organic Soil - Commonly used as a soil amendment that add nutrients.  Works well as a top dressing.