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As the largest garden center in the Magic Valley, we pride ourselves on our expansive selection of plants.  No matter the site or conditions, we'll have a plant for you here at Southern Idaho Landscape Center.


We have deciduous trees and conifers for shade, for show, and everything in-between.


Our large selection of shrubs can provide your yard with beautiful blooms or help create privacy.



If an edible landscape is what you desire, we have a wide selection of fruit trees, berries and hardy grapes.


A wide variety of ornamental grasses, flowers, ferns, vines and an ever expanding selection of native plants.

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In the spring, we have seeds and starters to get your garden going!



Need a sudden splash of color for the yard or the porch? Our hanging baskets are what we are known best for!


Succulents & Houseplants

We are open year round to give indoor gardeners the plants, pots, and soils to bring nature inside.


Turf Seed & Sod

Whether you're covering up some patches or need a yard overhaul, we have the seed and sod you'll need.